Advent Diamond is changing what's possible for solid-state

Radiation Detectors and Electronic Components

by using diamond as a semiconductor. 


Advent Diamond's Radiation Detectors 

Advent Diamond's proprietary detector design and manufacturing methods makes us  the only company in the U.S. with the capability to produce radiation detectors based on PIN (p-type/intrinsic/n-type) diamond.  Our detectors:

  • are selective, such as a neutron detector that is insensitive to gamma radiation  

  • come in a variety of designs optimized for neutrons, protons, alpha particles, beta particles, deep UV photons, and x-rays 

  • measure incident particle energy without using time of flight measurements

  • are easy to work with, with compact volume, ready integration with electronics, low noise and rapid readout

  • are suitable for harsh environments, with superior radiation hardness and ability to withstand high temperature (up to 300 °C) 

We are interested in working directly with users to design and provide detectors for specialized applications. 

Electronic Components

Advent Diamond's proprietary manufacturing methods makes us the only company in the U.S. with the capability to produce PIN (p-type/intrinsic/n-type) and Schottky PIN diamond electronic components. 

We are developing a product line of blocking diodes with:

  • 200 V/ 500V/ 800V/ 1200V blocking voltage

  • compact volume and rapid switching speeds, enabling the miniaturization of power systems

  • ability to handle large currents in a small footprint

  • ability to withstand harsh environments, with an operating temperature of up to 300 °C and radiation hardness

We anticipate working towards high-power diamond transistors and power modules in the near future, with the belief that this technology will be revolutionary for a variety of industries.




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Dr. Manpuneet K. Benipal
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Anna Zaneiwski
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Robert Nemanich
Technical Advisor
Jesse Brown
Research Scientist
Dean Curtis
Electrical Engineer Intern



Advent Diamond has won multiple Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards to commercialize next generation radiation detectors and high power devices.



We are always interested in new collaborations and partnerships. 




Advent Diamond is actively hiring. Join us!

Advent Diamond wants you to help us change what's possible in the world of electronics. We are making semiconductor devices using lab-grown diamond. As a start-up company, we seek a team player who enjoys learning, growing and adapting to changing opportunities. Our company values making technology that benefits society and maintaining a positive workplace culture. 

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