ARTICLE: Diamond electronics offer brilliant solutions

Diamonds are the overachievers of the materials world. They can sustain incredibly high temperatures and electric fields. They also conduct heat better than any other material. These properties make them ideal for very specific applications.

Currently, silicon dominates the electronics market. It’s used to make everything from your cell phone computer chip and laptop processor to microwave ovens. But as versatile as silicon is, there are certain areas where it falls flat.

“When it comes to high-temperature, high-power, radiation-hard devices, silicon doesn’t work as well. In fact, it doesn’t work at all,” says Manpuneet Kaur Benipal, a post-doctoral researcher in Nemanich’s lab.

Benipal and her colleague Brianna Eller both received their PhDs from ASU. With Nemanich as an advisor, they are now starting a company, ADVENT Diamond, to make electronic devices out of diamond.

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